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Should 'harmful' questions be answered/allowed? [duplicate]

You questions which could result in harm (or general disruption) to something/someone be answered? It was thinking of this question. It can be quite good (as a hacker) to test for flaws in a system ...
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For how much time i will be prevented form asking questions [duplicate]

Recently I was blocked out form questioning on askubuntu because of too much downvoted questions, now the question is I have made enough rep progress after that how much time I have to wait to ask ...
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AskUbuntu and Meta AskUbuntu in other languages? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are there any plans for localized Ask Ubuntu instances? If not question, or proposed assertion. But what we do know is that I have very hard every time you ask a question, ...
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Is it relevant to ask questions for other distros based on Ubuntu (e.g. GalliumOS)? [duplicate]

Since I just switched to using GalliumOS, I want to know if asking questions about distros that are not Ubuntu, but are still based on Ubuntu are relevant. GalliumOS is based on Ubuntu 15.10, so would ...
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Why not moderate questions from new users before making them visible on site?

I had suggested before also that questions from new users should not be posted directly on the site rather they should be moderated first and they should be visible to only users with high reputation (...
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Are software comparisons allowed and if so how broad are you allowed to be?

Are software comparisons considered on-topic here? I mean Ubuntu software of course, and probably software which is specific to it or at least Linux but runs on Ubuntu. And how broad is considered '...
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I asked a question but now I can not find it

I asked a question: Create Bash Alias That Accepts Commands but now I can not find it.
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Making a 'master thread' for bugs and workarounds for Ubuntu 15.04 issues and bugs?

What does everyone think if we get a single thread going for bugs and workarounds for people with issues relating to 15.04 install. Maybe a wiki type thread. I'm sure a lot of people are coming here ...
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Hi, how can i remove this account?

This particular site of stack exchange is not amusing me, has no function and has over zealous moderators who deleted every single one of my posts, two of which because i mentioned that unity is a bug ...
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