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Comes ask Ubuntu in different languages? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are there any plans for localized Ask Ubuntu instances? I am native speaking german. Would be great to have this site in my language. What should I do?
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Give users a hint not to ask multiple questions at once

I've seen a couple of questions which actually were multiple questions at once. It's not only hard to answer if you don't know the answers to all of them, but also difficult for the questioner to ...
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Why I am asked if I am a human being each time to be told that it has not been 20 minutes yet?

Sometime, I would like to create questions for a few issues. Since I don't have enough reputation, when I submit the second question, I am told to wait 20 minutes. The page does not tell up when ...
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Can I share an Idea about ubuntu here?

I want ask here before share my idea in main ask ubuntu. i think it may be against the website rules. so is it possible?
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Will '' be an alternative for the 'ubuntu forums'?

Hey, I was wondering how to know the best place for your question? I was browsing the 'questions' section and I came across a numbers of problems that aren't just "questions", the same kind you'd ...
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Where can I find interesting Ubuntu discussions?

Ask Ubuntu is a Q&A site rather than a discussion board, a bug tracker, or a poll/survey site, but I really love Ubuntu and want to discuss those things with other users! Where can I discuss ...
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Can the barriers to posting be shown before the human verification?

It's quite frustrating to prove I'm a human right before being told that I'm not allowed to post for x and y reasons.. why not wait to check that I'm a human until after verifying it's ok to post?
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