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How should I use the tags in Meta.AU?

I've found recently that people that ask questions in meta do not correctly tag their questions, and when the community reacts unexpectedly or their issues don't rise awareness to the developer team, ...
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Deny cross-posting, but enable site-sharing?

I know cross-posting (writing the same question on more than one SE site) is discouraged and should not be done. I also see the reason for this and agree, but sometimes it is indeed not clear where a ...
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Can the barriers to posting be shown before the human verification?

It's quite frustrating to prove I'm a human right before being told that I'm not allowed to post for x and y reasons.. why not wait to check that I'm a human until after verifying it's ok to post?
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Could we add on the 'about' page that questions should be edited to provide more information?

On both the about page it is explained how the site works. To my eyes, this should include that a user asking question should edit his post to improve it if some other users are asking clarification ...
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Why I am asked if I am a human being each time to be told that it has not been 20 minutes yet?

Sometime, I would like to create questions for a few issues. Since I don't have enough reputation, when I submit the second question, I am told to wait 20 minutes. The page does not tell up when ...
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Should I edit or re-ask my question?

If I edit my question after attempting to fix a problem and the problem still exists does my question still get answered or do I have to re-ask the question?
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Is this question appropriate here?

I asked the following question: Cannot assign address inside a Docker container do you think it would be more appropriate for Stack Overflow, or SuperUser? Or is this the right site?
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Any ideas on why this question didn't get any responses

I asked this 17 days ago (although I revised the title later). I don't expect miracles (although sometimes I get them ;) ), but I am surprised at getting nothing. Is there something I can do/...
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Can we get a better quality question for grub-rescue-error-unknown-filesystem

In doing some reviews, I came across a user who had this error issue, and was asking about a grub-rescue-error-unknown-filesystem issue. I figured I would mark it as a duplicate, being a common issue, ...
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