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Suggested improvements to "Markdown help" and formatting help

On Ask Ubuntu we have a lot of questions and answers that include multiple lines of terminal output which is best handled by using code fences. Without formatting, this information is difficult to ...
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Can we feature the style guide for new reviewers/editors?

It would be nice to highlight the site's style guide for a bit on the sidebar doohicky on the main page: Style guide for questions and answers I for one am finding a bunch of edits that tend to ...
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Use of new screening tool from SE

The new ask page is now live on the network! discusses an 'ask' page which is configurable for each site in the SE universe. Specific bits that can be modified and the procedure of getting it live ...
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Formatting guideline / convention for program names, commands, strings, values, (...)?

I usually highlight anything that should stick out from regular statements like a program name, a command, a string or a value by enclosing it between backticks, while I usually highlight something ...
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Proper use of Bold and Italic text in posts?

I would like to make this post to specify "proper" methods of bolding/italicizing text in questions and answers to keep the site clean and easy-to-read. Partially based off of my other question on ...
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Should there be a question on AU or Meta about question/answer formatting?

A link to a page where it shows pre tags and indents, code tags and backticks, and that type of thing. There's already an AU question floating around about how to make answers more useful, but it ...
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