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Should questions seeking workarounds for bugs be allowed?

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10 and had my alt + tab break. Fortunately, I found a question on Ask Ubuntu that had the solution. However, since this question was closed, the solution was posted ...
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When should we use the versions tags?

For example, when someone asks a question and he is saying I am using Ubuntu 11.04. Should the question also be tagged 11.04 or not ?
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Old question with old answer. How can I request an update on the topic?

Sometimes I find an old question on Ask Ubuntu with an old answer. Updates in software tend to change the way things are done, and I can't help but wonder if there is a newer solution to the same ...
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Should we remove the "tag with Ubuntu version" advice from the help center?

There have been many discussions on meta (here and here for example) about using the Ubuntu version tags (12.04 etc). Mostly, they support the position that these tags should be used when the version ...
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Do we need "brand/manufacturer" tags?

Today was a very sad day... I found that one of the questions that I (tm) like to answer (apt/dpkg tags) was tagged with toshiba... To my surprise, the OP hadn't even mentioned "toshiba" in the ...
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When a version specific tag alone is good in a single question?

Ok, I'm here so people can point me out where my logic is wrong. I'm talking about the version specific tags. Every time I create, see, modify, processes a question or answer using the queues, ...
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What does "version-specific" mean in "Only use version tag if the question is version-specific"?

For example, 14.04 has the description: The current LTS (Long Term Support) release of Ubuntu, code-named "Trusty Tahr". Released on 17th April, 2014. Only use this tag if your question is version-...
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Don't suggest version specific tag when writing questions

As Gilles has said in his other answer "version tags are massively overused on AU", I think is our fault that such things happens. We allow them be alone we them shouldn't and we do nothing to fix ...
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Which questions should get the release tag "14.04"?

I'm trying to understand which questions should get the tag "14.04". I had rejected two sugested edits, both adding only the tag to: How do I install MP3 codecs? newest kernel not loading But on ...
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Best way to update question and answer for multiple KDE versions

Some time ago I self-answered a question about Emacs window behavior with KDE Plasma 4: How to remove gap around maximized Emacs frame on KDE4 I recently switched to KDE 5.5 and realized that the ...
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