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Questions referring to a development version which has nothing to do with development at all [duplicate]

I saw this question, and it has already started receiving closed votes because the author mentioned (s)he is using a development version of Ubuntu. However, the question has nothing to do with the ...
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Closed questions which may be considered for reopening after the release of Artful

I was keeping a list of questions which got closed as off-topic as they were about 17.10 for past few weeks. Now as 17.10 is released, I think at least some of the questions have the potential to be ...
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At what point do releases become supported on AskUbuntu? [duplicate]

Is there a policy regarding at what point a future release becomes supported? In a couple of questions today (the comments) it has been suggested that support might be at the official release point, ...
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Regarding the influx of 16.04 questions

First off, I know that having a rush of questions for a late-development release is nothing new. It's just that I'm somewhat new and only just noticing this. Recently, I've seen a lot of 16.04 ...
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What to do with 16.04 Questions? [duplicate]

With the amount of questions growing as the 16.04 is flying towards its release day, what is the correct way to deal with the high rising # of questions that are currently posted and the questions ...
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"Bug reports and problems with the development version of Ubuntu should be reported on Launchpad"

Bug reports and problems with the development version of Ubuntu should be reported on Launchpad so that developers can see, track and fix these issues. My first reading of this text is that it ...
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Why are higher ranked users not flaged for off-topic?

As a newer user on Ask Ubuntu I have seen activity from older (higher ranked) users that they themselves would count as off-topic. For example questions on EOL versions or versions that are soon to ...
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When are questions about in-development releases on-topic? [duplicate]

I remember speaking to a moderator in chat once where they told me that a question about a future release which is currently in-development is actually on-topic here as long as what is posted is not a ...
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Can I ask questions about upcoming releases? [duplicate]

I know that you can't ask questions about upcoming releases that are still in development, however, can you ask questions about them when you are not asking for help with them? For instance after ...
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Are questions about how to upgrade to an Alpha release off-topic? [duplicate]

Are questions that ask for instructions on how to upgrade to an Alpha release off-topic if they don't ask for any information about how to use the Alpha release etc, but only ask how in the current ...
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Are bugs necessarily off-topic?

Jorge Castro recently commented on one of my questions that it should be filed as a bug instead. And I've seen here that the general view is that questions about bugs should be considered off-topic ...
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What do you do when all answers to your question brings you back to where you first started?

I know this may prolly be the dumbest question but what can you do when all answers to your question leads you to where you first started: with the same problem? Let me clarify this: I posted a ...
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Are questions about ubuntu 15.04 are off-topic? [duplicate]

Are questions about in-development Ubuntu distributions off-topic or not?
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Should the bar be higher to create tags...?

This was discussed before but no action was taken. I think this is still needed, since we have 2772 2844 tags (9*4*77 79) and pretty much of them are kind of vague, doesn't define a particular topic, ...
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Is 14.04 still offtopic? [duplicate]

I'm using Xubuntu 14.04 and I thought that I can't ask questions about it till it's officially released later this month, but I see many users asking about 14.04. So is it still off topic (Ubuntu +1) ...

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