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Need help! What problems would be best solved by a wizard?

I've talked about a wizard to help people find existing questions and improve the quality of the ones they post if they can't find one. I've talked about this for so long without doing anything so ...
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What's wrong, Ask Ubuntu?: The "Tech Support" Impression

Over the last year in particular, Ask Ubuntu has made a great deal of advancements regarding its standing in the wider Ubuntu community. The prominent integration in the new Canonical topbar, as well ...
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Should questions asked long ago when the release was still supported be closed as off-topic EOL? [duplicate]

I see a lot of questions in the review queue that meet the following criteria. They have one or more close votes/flags with reason off-topic EOL. They have been asked long ago, and at the time of ...
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Where can I find statistics about askubuntu?

I mostly want to know the rate of increase of askubuntu's question number. Anyhow where can I find this and other interesting statistics about this website?
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How do we get more Ask Ubuntu users to use meta?

The users page in Ask Ubuntu main page goes up to page 3988 and with about 36 users per page, that goes to about 143K users. In meta, the users page only goes up to page 442 coming to about 16K ...
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How do I change my username on Ask Ubuntu? [duplicate]

How do I change my Ask Ubuntu username? I pressed enter by accident and now I have this one.
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How can it be possible to have answers older than the question?

Does StackExchange have a time machine, or is this just from when questions have been merged? Nice set of results on these precognitive questions here - Worst one is this one. Source: This answer, ...
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Duplicates Policy Incentivizes Clutter Rather Than Canonical

Disadvantages of Current Duplicates Policy Stated briefly, the current policy encourages proliferation over pruning. The disadvantages of the current duplicates policy stem from the fact that it is ...
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Why nobody answers my latest questions?

It's obviously that my latest questions received low views, no votes and nobody answered. I use to mark the correct answers, so if you find good answers for these questions, post them. Here you ...
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Can considering 75505 Questions as unanswered be useful? [duplicate]

As I write this 75505 questions on ASKUBuntu are considered unanswered, out of a total of 222,107 that have been posted. As a newbie I want to answer questions to get reputation but looking at this ...
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