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Low-hanging fruit for new editors [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Editing tips and tricks There are about 80 questions containing sudo gedit. As you know, using sudo with graphical applications / tools is discouraged, so I think we should ...
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How can we refocus on being a Q+A, not a support forum or bug tracker? [closed]

After doing some investigation on issues brought up doing these questions I've found something that I'm embarrassed that we have let get out of control, see these questions for some background. What ...
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PSA: 12.04 Launches this week, steel yourselves!

Release is this week, which means that we'll have people who are going to start asking questions here, so we need to stay on our toes, update existing questions (more below), and just generally keep ...
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How can we participate in the Ubuntu Global Jam?

Welcome Ubuntu Global Jammers! Thanks for taking the time to check out tasks for Ask Ubuntu. We've put together a list of things that should help you get started. and then submit an edit, then it ...
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Should we create task items for better managing the site?

So, as each day goes by, we are growing bigger and bigger, both in terms of the size as well as the participating members. Now, that is not essentially a bad thing to happen. But it does present some ...
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What about using a "poor-english" tag?

I'm not sure if the Meta is the right place for sharing ideas, but I couldn't find any better one (let me know if I should have proposed it somewhere else). What I would like to suggest is to mark ...
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Correcting people's questions.

Is there anything wrong with me going through Ask Ubuntu and correcting spelling and grammar in questions? I want to help but I don't want to be the annoying guy that fills up the edit queue.
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Tag organisation - reputation reward inconsistency?

I'm quite new on Ask Ubuntu but have been getting stuck in, mostly answering, some editing, some retagging. I noticed that while I was at low reputation and needed approval to tweak tags, I would get ...
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Can we feature the style guide for new reviewers/editors?

It would be nice to highlight the site's style guide for a bit on the sidebar doohicky on the main page: Style guide for questions and answers I for one am finding a bunch of edits that tend to ...
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Troublesome tags that need cleaning up

We've got a ton of incoming questions and I've realized some tags really do need some love, so I'm going to make a list of the worst ones:
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How can we improve the 'greatest hits' of our site?

I was reading the Stack Overflow blog earlier today regarding the greatest hits of the Stack Exchange sites. I realize that these posts are what make our site popular across the Internetz and hence, ...
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How to format release versions?

When making other edits to a question that mentions a release/number (e.g, Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS), my natural instinct is to bold it as it is usually the first thing I look for in a question and I have ...
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Has rep required to edit questions been increased?

The other night I suggested several edits to remove the word "Ubuntu" from titles as was suggested in a tip here (editing-tips-and-tricks). Now, edit is faded out under questions for me and tells me "...
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Formatting guideline / convention for program names, commands, strings, values, (...)?

I usually highlight anything that should stick out from regular statements like a program name, a command, a string or a value by enclosing it between backticks, while I usually highlight something ...
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Is there a page which teaches a user how to edit his question?

I need a cool-down after this question. I wish there was a page which teaches a new user how to add information to his question. I couldn't find anything in the about or help page. This would allow ...
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