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Logout of Ask Ubuntu [duplicate]

this is a very stupid question but I just cant figure it out. How do I log out of Ask Ubuntu (this site) i am logged in and need to get out (I am on a public computer) but I cant!
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How can I log out from Ask Ubuntu? [duplicate]

I logged into Ask Ubuntu on a public computer. I want to log out after use. What should I do?
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How do I log out of Ask Ubuntu? [duplicate]

Sorry - I'm new here, but I couldn't find how to log out of again. Did I just miss it? Is logging out of the same as logging out of the Ubuntu Software Centre, which seems ...
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links to Logout page [duplicate]

I found a page (Log out of the site) that answers the question on how to logout of Ask Ubuntu, so I have the link ( which I can bookmark and use that every time I ...
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Log out of the site [duplicate]

How do I log out of this site? The answer I found says I should click on the Stack Exchange logo on the upper left to logout, but there's no such option. Also, what is with "This question body does ...
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Ask Ubuntu logout/sign out missing [duplicate]

Another newbie question - where is the sign out of Ask Ubuntu? I have looked everywhere on the questions page and cannot find where to logout of Ask Ubuntu!
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How to Logout of AskUbuntu? [duplicate]

How does one log out of AskUbuntu? Or is there only logging in? I've searched each time I've been on and not a logout button or direction or hint to be found. I've looked through the Help Center. ...
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How do I sign out of this page? [duplicate]

How do I sign out of this page? Usually you have to log out of accounts - I can't see a log out option.
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How can I log out from my account on askubuntu? [duplicate]

How can I log out from my account on this forum? Maybe I am just missing something obvious, but so far I haven't found out how to log out. I have tried everything I can think of … I also couldn't find ...
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How to log off from ask ubuntu website? [duplicate]

Once I'm logged into the ask ubuntu site, it seems there is no way to logoff short of exiting my browser. If it is indeed possible to log off, I'd sure like to know how.
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How do I log out of [duplicate]

How do I log out of ? I'm on a shared machine login/user and I don't want to blow away all the cookies in the browser. EDIT: The answer below is perfect, but so you know, the '...
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How do I log out of "Ask Ubuntu"? [duplicate]

There is no good Tag for this -- maybe I'm in the wrong place. I can't figure out how to log out of Ask Ubuntu. Where is the log out icon or selection located. I think I've looked in all the normal ...
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Can't find link to logout from the forum? [duplicate]

Just signed up for Ask Ubuntu. Looks like a great community. I am signed in. Closed all the windows, and the browser. When I open the site again, still signed in. I cannot locate a link to sign out ...
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Where is the "Log Out" feature on the askUbuntu page? [duplicate]

Searched everywhere and must be hiding in plain sight. I know I logged in but the log out just isn't showing up.
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I signed in with a less used email and do not have the rep to comment, but there is no log out of ask ubuntu button!

I want to log in using another id, as I have too little rep with this one. There is no ask ubuntu / StackExchange logout button.
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