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Contributing as a new member in this mature StackExchange site

So, I am relatively new to Ubuntu (a couple years) and completely new to this site as a registered user. I have found lots of good information here before, but just now did I find something to ...
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Comments in the answer section from new users

This addresses all the new users out there: Every day here I see new users commenting in the answer section and saying things like I don't have the rep to comment but.... It seems redundant that ...
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Suggestions to limit the large amount of unanswered questions?

After searching I was looking through all the unanswered questions and its frustrating trawling through 607 unanswered questions at 15 per page (approx 9,105) and it appears that ...
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Possibility to lower the comment privilege

I have notice many of the Answers are not really answers but comments made from mostly users that do not yet have the comment privilege (So they get energetic when they see a question that relates to ...
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You shouldn't need 50 rep to post a comment [duplicate]

I find it annoying that it requires 50 rep to comment on another post. I once asked a question and someone answered and provided a link. I tried the instructions at the link and completely screwed up ...
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Low reputation people can't comment if they are not sure of answer [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why are you only allowed to comment with 50 rep? I am a new user to SO , to be true(3 days) , we can see other users questions, but if we are confused for an answer , we can't ...
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How can I reply to a user?

I want to ask a question to a user on Ask Ubuntu, but I don't understand how to do it. There is no email, no nothing. Can you tell me how to do it?
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What is the intent of the AskUbuntu reputation threshold to enable commenting? [duplicate]

Here I am, completely new to linux and I don't have any new questions to ask. But I would like clarification on existing questions. So within this system, clearly I have no means to provide any ...
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Commenting questions [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why are you only allowed to comment with 50 rep? When I am in 'AskUbuntu' look an Ask I can answer but I can't comment. And I can see other people that can comment it. I have ...
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How can you ask questions if you don't have 50 reputation? [duplicate]

I suppose that this post is a bit of a constructive criticism. I've been using Ubuntu for about a year now and every time I have a question, I find a post, I go to ask for more detail and I'm blocked ...
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Could comments be allowed from 20+ [duplicate]

My opinion is that comment privileges are allowed until 50 reputation for what purpose" The Askubuntu Help Page says: Privileges control what you can do on Ask Ubuntu. Gain more privileges by ...
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How do you leave a comment on a question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why are you only allowed to comment with 50 rep? I only see a box for leaving an answer, but I can't seem to figure out how to leave a comment to a question. I must be blind, ...
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Please remove the restriction "You must have 50 reputation to comment" [duplicate]

Dear administrators of StackExchange/AskUbuntu, restriction "You must have 50 reputation to comment" blocks many useful comments and tips !!! I'm not a geek who spends his leisure time here ...
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Why do I need a reputation above 50 to answer? [duplicate]

Why is it necessary to get 50 reputation before answering a question?
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says you need 50 reputation points to comment. I have one. This can't be right. How can I participate? [duplicate]

title says it all. I just find a lot of these pages which I'd like to participate in but I run into this problem
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AskUbuntu permissions [duplicate]

I was looking at the permissions available to me, and was wondering why upvoting an answer is unlocked before commenting on any thread. I understand that it's, in part, to reduce commenters who spam ...
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Answer locked and downvoted?

I have a question about my Ask Ubuntu post: Hitting arrow keys adds characters in vi editor I edited my post with an suitable answer that instead of the other answers solves the real issue behind the ...
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Why can I not comment? [duplicate]

This is really annoying. When trying to answer questions (e.g obtaining info), I have to "answer the question". However, without the information, I cannot. The 50 rep rule for commenting should be ...
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A Quick Suggestion About Commenting [duplicate]

It would be nice letting new users Comment instead of posting an answer requesting for more info About the question/Issue
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