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Contributing as a new member in this mature StackExchange site

So, I am relatively new to Ubuntu (a couple years) and completely new to this site as a registered user. I have found lots of good information here before, but just now did I find something to ...
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Comments in the answer section from new users

This addresses all the new users out there: Every day here I see new users commenting in the answer section and saying things like I don't have the rep to comment but.... It seems redundant that ...
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How can I reply to a user?

I want to ask a question to a user on Ask Ubuntu, but I don't understand how to do it. There is no email, no nothing. Can you tell me how to do it?
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What is the intent of the AskUbuntu reputation threshold to enable commenting? [duplicate]

Here I am, completely new to linux and I don't have any new questions to ask. But I would like clarification on existing questions. So within this system, clearly I have no means to provide any ...
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