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Should an answer like remove Ubuntu and install (insert distro here) be flagged / downvoted?

The question Should an answer like remove Ubuntu and install Slackware be flagged? arose myself while answering Let's not do “I don't know how to fix your problem, so just reinstall", so I decided to ...
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Answers that aren't about Ubuntu (explicitly about another distro)

I think it's important that the Questions and Answers on our site remain "on-topic": It is infinitely frustrating when trying to solve an issue, to search for a question, find an answer, ...
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Are questions about other Linux distros acceptable?

Is it acceptable to ask elementary questions about Linux that will be of interest to Ubuntu users (e.g., how do I lock the screen in Xfce?) though one may be using another distro? Such questions will ...
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There isn't a more responsable moderator on AskUbuntu? Just Mitch?

Tried to solve a problem I had with my Ubuntu based OS and Wine, but Mitch pretending is some sort of god decided to put it on hold and close it after I hurt his feelings, maybe. This problem is even ...
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I think closing questions on Ubuntu derivatives as off-topic is unhelpful

I realize that the topic of derivatives has been touched on before but I am shocked that this community is so closed to questions that, were they answered, could assist pure Ubuntu users. I recently ...
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What are the differences between Ubuntu and e.g. Mint?

First of all: I'm a Linux Mint user for about 3 years now. I was a Ubuntu user for about 7 years before and a Debian user for about 5 years. I know the Debian way of working, experienced its evolution ...
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How specific about not supporting non-Ubuntu OS's is AskUbuntu?

While browsing AskUbuntu, I found a question about Wine + Steam. The OP said that he was using Linux Mint, and upon reading that, I thought "Oh, isn't that non-supported, or something?". So I opened ...
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Should we include support for BackTrack?

This question just rolled in a few hours ago. I'm unfamiliar with BackTrack but it appears to be a highly modified Ubuntu installation which from the site's appearance - dropped most ties to Ubuntu. I ...
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Are questions about official Ubuntu software in other OSes generally on-topic?

My understanding is that we consider questions about running Ubuntu One in Windows to be on-topic for this site (thanks to Jorge Castro for clarifying this in chat). But we close at least some ...
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