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Should I ask my question on Ask Ubuntu, on Unix & Linux or on both? [duplicate]

Let's say I have a question which concerns all Ubuntu users, but not only them. (e.g. about apt and aptitude). On which Stack Exchange site should I ask it, depending on if my distribution is Ubuntu ...
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PROPOSAL: Checklist for addressing questions mentioning non-Ubuntu distributions

For those not aware of the context: One side of the community is pro editing out mentions of other OS where question asks about non-specific to OS things, such as scripting; another side, is pro-...
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Do we -always- close posts if they are not exclusively about Ubuntu?

I know this is a sensitive subject, and people seem to have a quite absolute opinion about it: posts not strictly and exclusively about Ubuntu. Would I encourage people using other distros to post ...
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Shouldn't we stop closing questions instantly as Off-Topic if we see the words "mint", "debian", etc.?

I'm not suggesting that Mint is on-topic, but recently I've noticed questions getting closed as Off Topic, just because a question contains the word "Mint" or "Debian". If you need to close them, I ...
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Can I ask about a problem with a non-Ubuntu kernel here?

I realise that it's perfectly on topic to ask how to install a non-Ubuntu kernel, but what about problems that are specific to non-Ubuntu kernels? Are they and should they be on topic? If not, why ...
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What are the differences between Ubuntu and e.g. Mint?

First of all: I'm a Linux Mint user for about 3 years now. I was a Ubuntu user for about 7 years before and a Debian user for about 5 years. I know the Debian way of working, experienced its evolution ...
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Isn't it time to review Mint policy? [duplicate]

I abandoned XP about a year ago and opted for Linux Mint 17.0 on the basis of reviews but with no experience of Unix or its derivatives. After trading Cinnamon for xfce I have stayed put other than ...
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Would a off-topic tag warning be a good-idea? [duplicate]

Here on Ask Ubuntu we have quite a lot of tags for various Linux distributions/Operating Systems/things that could be off-topic if specific about them: debian, mint, fedora, crunchbang, windows, ...
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How specific about not supporting non-Ubuntu OS's is AskUbuntu?

While browsing AskUbuntu, I found a question about Wine + Steam. The OP said that he was using Linux Mint, and upon reading that, I thought "Oh, isn't that non-supported, or something?". So I opened ...
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Are Linux Mint (and other unofficial derivatives of Ubuntu) questions on topic?

(Inspired by this question about Mint. ) You only have to look at Wikipedia to find a long long list of Ubuntu derivatives - should we allow, or even actively encourage, questions regarding these on ...
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