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I saw something in chat I don't understand

What are some of the common chat items? I want to understand what people who are more familiar with other chat clients are trying to say to me.
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What to do with abandoned questions?

It's inevitable that people will come to this site, ask a low quality question, and not return to follow up on comments requesting additional information. What should be done with these examples? ...
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What to do with answers posted as comments?

With questions like this (or this), the OP or someone else gives an answer but it's in the form of a comment, so the question is still marked "unanswered" even though it has been answered. ...
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How to handle users that ask a question, and never come back?

Is there any set way to handle users, that answer a question. See the answer, and not do anything about it? Never come back? Example 1: User joins. Asks a question at 8pm. The answer is given at 8....
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Is there a way to deal with people who repost other people's comments as answers?

When users see a question, they often write comments like “did you try x?” to clarify if a novice user has already tried some trivial steps before posting the question. Now there's almost always some (...
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How should we define "Abandoned" as a close reason?

Assume a question is clear, fully fleshed-out in details, compliant with question policy, and relevant to a large audience... but unanswered. At what point (if ever) does this question because ...
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How should I deal with old unanswered questions that are unlikely to be answered satisfactorily?

I'd like to have my accepted answer rate increase from 57%. What's dragging it down, though, is that I've posted a number of specific and/or difficult questions that haven't been answered, are ...
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Can we merge many meta Q&As about "abandoned questions"?

Can we merge these three Q&A's (they are all ~5 years old) together? What to do with questions whose OP hasn't visited the site for a long time? What to do when users have been inactive for ...
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Why don't we have "required/requested input not provided" close reason for abandoned questions?

While I've just recently acquired the privilege for voting to close questions, I find it hard to find the right close reasons for the following very common scenario. Someone asks a question, but does ...
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How long is never?

I keep revisiting this question: Reminder: Unanswered + Time != Too Localised in which @Oli states "The idea of removing older questions is okay but only under certain conditions: The asker has ...
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A user deletes their answer and posts the same question as a new post and self answers

I am not sure whether I should write this on MSE or MAU, but here I go anyway Context: Couple of months ago, I came across a dearly interesting question related to corrupted desktop environments (...
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Can moderators confirm abandoned questions should be closed TL, not NARQ?

For quite some time, we've been using the too localized close reason for abandoned questions. Of course, if the question merits closure for another reason--it's a duplicate, it couldn't have been ...
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Another bit on abandoned questions, but specifically good ones with good answers

Question on a rarer type of abandoned question: Is there a way for 'Community' to take ownership of these questions so an answer can be accepted and the data can be maintained? Is it simpler to ...
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Lots of "Closed as off-topic because it seemingly went away" close votes

I have seen quite a lot of questions (this (1 vote) and this (2 votes) for example) being closed as "off-topic because it seemingly went away" - is this the right thing to do for any questions? More ...
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How to review questions marked 'solved' or where user adds answer to question body?

I wonder how should I review questions like this one - apparently the OP did solve his own question but didn't post an answer, but rather included the answer in the question part. I am not sure if the ...
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