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Close votes etiquette

I recently earned the privilege to close and reopen votes. I am ecstatic that I earned this privilege. It is of course, my intention to do all I can to improve AU website. There are some legitimate ...
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Searchbox during flagging inept results

I often have the problem when I flag something as duplicate and try to search in this searchbox I get no hits. But when I use the same keywords in my google search I find what I'm after. With search ...
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Is Jorge Castro a Robot? [closed]

Before reading see the following links I noticed today https://...
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"Errors on boot" duplicate questions

I have noticed a lot of questions lately about generic "errors on boot" (ACPI warnings and such). Here are some that came up since June 1st: How to fix these errors during boot? Strange ...
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Use of Anaconda/Alternate python for AI and data analysis

It seems to me that users often face problems when they tinker with system python, such as Problem updating 20.04 - python3.7 errors, who attempted to install python3.7 to use AI/ML and ended up with ...
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"How can I make ubuntu start faster" - close or not?

I recently edited the canonical Q&A post with the inclusion of a very popular topic: How do I improve boot speed? Now, a new question about this pops up (there is at least 1 new post per week ...
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Canonical questions

Yes! I read this question And it was useful, But this contains some old information, And I want the updated information. What I want I want to know existing canonical questions on our website. I ...
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Duplicates Policy Incentivizes Clutter Rather Than Canonical

Disadvantages of Current Duplicates Policy Stated briefly, the current policy encourages proliferation over pruning. The disadvantages of the current duplicates policy stem from the fact that it is ...
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Do we need thousand of "dumb questions"? or can we just duplicate them to more general answer?

This is something which have me concerned sometime now. I've seen a bunch of "Will Ubuntu work in X?" things that most of the time will end in "why you don't try?" kind of answers, and generate ...
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Where are the canonical questions for creating a Ubuntu Live USB?

Apparently we can never find the duplicate question and now we have about 40 questions (maybe I am exaggerating...) about creating Live USB in Windows, Mac OS and Linux... could someone hunt them down ...
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What is the official canonical questions list nowadays? [duplicate]

We have, but I'm not sure how up-to-date that is. Also, there's the FAQ. Which one have we said is the ...
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Master Issue list for Reviewers on 13.04?

I see that some issues with 13.04 are starting to unravel and those that are across the issues can quickly reply or divert those questions to the appropriate links. Are we keeping a master list of ...
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Can we have Pro-Forma Comments for Frequently Asked Duplicate Questions?

We already have a very nifty little tool called Pro-Forma Comments. This is a life saver. Can we have a similar one for Duplicate Questions - the ones that are asked too frequently? When we find a ...
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My question and answers are being changed without explanation by another user

I asked a question, and it got a lot of answers. Two of which were better than the others. Now, I believe both the question and the best answers are being stripped of essential details. I rolled back ...
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What to do with questions that describe bugs?

I always made the link to the bug report an answer, but I've also seen people adding that information as comment to the question. We probably should agree on one way to deal with such questions.

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