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Should we downvote questions when the OP didn't put any research effort into them?

For instance: How to install bind dns server and apache web server in ubuntu?. There is certainly a lot of how-tos to be found for exactly this task, it looks like we are his first (and only) ...
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What is your consideration when downvoting, what are your criteria?

At the risk of being burned down, have to get this off my chest. Be sure it is not meant as an average "ouch, they downvoted me" rant; it bothers me when it happens to others as much as it ...
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Can anybody please explain to me why this question got downvoted? The person who downvoted did not provide any explanation for the downvote. All it says on the downvote is: "This ...
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How to understand a downvote

Is there any way to understand who or at least why a downvote was awarded? Because in 2 cases that I got a downvote, the answer seemed perfectly fine and also had upvotes from other users. The only ...
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Reason for question beeing Downvoted?

I know this is a common question asked here. But I am not understanding why my Question was downvoted. Is it because its stupid or not well written or something else. Shouldn't there be a system for ...
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Downvoting answers (or questions) without a reason? [duplicate]

I cannot understand why this even allowed here. I mean, is this a game or something ? I can see everywhere downvoting questions and answers without a specific reason. I would like to see this stopped, ...
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Can we have a feature where downvoting is only possible if the user has left a comment or filled out a form? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Down voting consequences Sometimes down-voting is done without leaving proper comments or reason. The person next-in-line commenting on the post telling them what's wrong ...
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Discussion about voting system!

Is it possible (or should it be) to know who down/upvoted my post?
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feature request : Reasons for down-votes [duplicate]

I think it is really important to know the reasons for getting down-votes. Feature Description: The users must be asked for providing a valid reason for downvoting a post which already has 5 or more ...
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Please consider leaving feedback on votes for new users [duplicate]

I came across this question where two new users had answered and both of them got downvoted. Now I get why not everyone comments on their votes but I really think if you are dealing with rep 1 users ...
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New battle plan for the questions that require god-like powers to figure out user problem: Close everything on sight!

TL;DR: Please, decide a policy, adhere to it and enforce it. The main problem here is the lack of cohesion about how to deal with the questions. For that I rant about the following: Yeah, guys, we ...
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Purpose of downvote on non-questions

As we all know, downvote is supposed to express that question is not useful. But not all posts that we have here are questions ; hence the question: what do downvotes do to a non-question ? What is ...
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Users under 500 rep need to leave a comment as to why they downvoted? [duplicate]

I'm sure many users have experienced the dreaded "Downvote with no explanation." This causes many problems, such as unexplained loss of reputation, lack of knowledge of how to improve a post (which ...
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