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Can we make some low quality tags synonyms, and outright remove some others? [duplicate]

Credit goes to jokerdino for making me aware of almost all of these tags. He sent me a list of tags he considered low quality, and asked me to post on meta about the ones I think we should take action ...
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Is Ask Ubuntu an Ubuntu Q&A site for everyone?

Some Bee in Bonnet stuff Firstly I would like to define which kind of Ubuntu user I am; (which could be described as an unqualified; unprofessional or amateur user), a home user and am attempting to ...
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The future of the applications/software tag(s) [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Applications, application and software tags must die! To my mind applications, application and software is useless - there is no clear meaning to them. Some questions should ...
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Is it appropriate to suggest tag synonyms on Meta?

There are currently no tag synonyms on the Ubuntu StackExchange site, and only a few users with the required reputation. It seems unlikely that I will have enough reputation to suggest synonyms ...
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Tag synonym request: [asterix] -> [asterisk]

The tag asterix should really be a tag synonym of asterisk. Just so you understand why. This guy, is Asterix: Asterisk on the other hand is an open source PBX software.
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Request: Burnination and Blacklisting of [error] tag

One of the most overly used tags in the site is error. In almost every case, there are many other tags which are far more descriptive. All 303 questions using that tag aside, I believe the tag ...
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Why separate "torrent" and "bittorrent" tags?

Why do we have torrent and bittorrent as separate tags on main?
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what the difference between system-tray and panel?

the tag system-tray refers to the upper panel, and the panel refers to the upper panel. So why do they both exist? like this question: it has system-tray listed and not upper panel?!
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Can misspelled tags be deleted?

I just re-tagged a question with a misspelled tag. From these two search results, it looks like tags are dropped after a period of inactivity. Can misspelled tags be deleted instead, so the error is ...
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Tag synonyms needed [duplicate]

I noticed that there are two nearly-identical tags: script and scripts. One should be made a synonym of the other, but I don't have enough rep to do so. Would someone else like to handle this?
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