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Is translating posts using Google Translate acceptable?

I've seen several questions in non-English, where a user (typically high-rep) puts it into Google Translate. Here's an example (Wayback Machine if it gets deleted). I do realize that post had other ...
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Editing: leave OP's original language [duplicate]

I was going to edit this post. My first thought was to delete the portion with the native language that OP posted. Googling it, it seems to be Norwegian. He provided a translation, that I was going to ...
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Flagging other languages [duplicate]

Today I flagged a question with the reason "This question is not in English." I thought that this was a appropriate action to take. I was not expecting this flag response: declined - So translate ...
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Are questions in other language other than English accepted in AU? (accepting other languages in AU) [duplicate]

So we know the term language barrier but.. Ubuntu lets anyone install the system in different languages. So in the support channel Forum or AU we get problems maybe prolonged by Image based technical ...
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Is there a rule which states that all questions and answers have to be in English on this site? [duplicate]

I know that people often tell others that it is a rule here, but I am have never actually seen it written anywhere, so is it a rule that all questions and answers on this site have to be written in ...
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A question in Spanish [duplicate]

I've only ever seen questions in English on AU before, so this one caught my eye. Should I translate it to English while editing it? Or ask the OP to write in English? I can't help thinking that if ...
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Can't english, is there a german Supporter here? [duplicate]

There are many people who can not speak English. Why we are obliged to write in English? Are there any German supporter here on Askubuntu? That's just sad: (
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Why comment "This is an English only site"? [duplicate]

On occasion people post questions in a language other than English and within 5 minutes there are multiple comments informing them that this is an English only site. Any user on the site is allowed ...
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Does it make sense to flag non-English questions?

I think that the scope of a flag is to make moderators aware of content that request their intervention. And also I think that this site really only support English. Now, some of moderators can find ...
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What is the proper procedure when dealing with posts written in other languages? [duplicate]

Firstly, let me point out that there is some mention of the top on this post. But I am still confused on how to deal with some of these posts. It's assumed that the community will handle the situation ...
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google translator plugin for different languages

I see some a lot of Spanish (and other languages) questions. is it possible to provide a Google translator plug-in for those or all question? Or provide it through out Ask Ubuntu (Question answer and ...
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Is it OK to post, and how should we deal with, non-English (or partly non-English) answers intended for translation? [duplicate]

Questions in languages other than English, or which contain non-English text and translated text, have been discussed before on meta. But what about answers that are written in other languages? How ...
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How to get notified about questions in specific language on

Currently, Our LoCo is receiving all questions from Ubuntu users on FB group, this has many disadvantages as it wasn't made for it mainly. We need to move it to Ask Ubuntu, but How can an individual/...
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