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How strict should off-topic questions be flagged as such? [duplicate]

I flagged this question as off-topic. The question absolutely does not belong on Ask Ubuntu but on Stack Overflow or similar. But the flag got declined and that's bad for my reputation (?). It makes ...
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Let's reopen this on-topic question about using Ubuntu software in Ubuntu [duplicate]

This question is, and has always been, on topic. The OP's reading of the FAQ is correct. A question about using built-in Ubuntu software and third party Ubuntu software on Ubuntu is a question about ...
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Are non-Ubuntu-spefic questions allowed? [duplicate]

I was just wonder, let's say that there is a question which asks how to disable the cache in Firefox, and the person who asks says that they are running a supported flavour and version of Ubuntu, is ...
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Is "any tool that runs on Ubuntu" on topic here? [duplicate]

That's the response I got to a flag I raised about a git question which had already been answered on StackOverflow a few years earlier. Git runs on Ubuntu as well as on Windows or Mac, so it could be ...
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Has Ask Ubuntu turned into Ask Linux? [duplicate]

It seems that many of the questions asked on this site aren't just about Ubuntu, but about Linux in general. Is this site meant to be only Ubuntu, or is it meant to be for any user of Linux?
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How do we tell if a question belongs here, or rather at stackoverflow/superuser?

I asked a question about vim in the ubuntu stackexchange, and someone suggested it should be taken to stack overflow or superuser. Would this be relevant, or should general Linux/UNIX software stuff ...
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Shouldn't we stop closing questions instantly as Off-Topic if we see the words "mint", "debian", etc.?

I'm not suggesting that Mint is on-topic, but recently I've noticed questions getting closed as Off Topic, just because a question contains the word "Mint" or "Debian". If you need to close them, I ...
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Is a question about third party software on topic if there is no reference to Ubuntu?

Sometimes I come across a question in Ask Ubuntu about how to do something with a third party software application, without any reference to the OS the OP is using. For example: Way to share Virtual ...
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Is it OK to ask question about etymology of command names?

Is it OK to ask questions like "what is the etymology of hdparm command name?"? General topic matches ("Using and administering official Ubuntu flavors", "Running ...
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Why are questions about packages included in Ubuntu by default but not maintained by Canonical not considered off-topic?

Here is an example question: Libreoffice “The dictionary is already full.” It is about LibreOffice, which is a package that is included in the Ubuntu ISO by default, but not made or ...
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Migrating questions that have nothing to do with Ubuntu?

Ok, so I really don't want to burst anyones bubble, but I stumbled upon this question: How do I update the BIOS of a Dell laptop? And I'm wondering - what does this even remotely have to do with ...
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Why is this question exemplary for AskUbuntu?

So I was doing the "first questions" moderation queue and this question on making a program quit using a keypress came up. To me, the question is clearly due for another site -- probably ...
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Is it on-topic to ask about plugins in a browser?

I was just wondering, is it on-topic here to ask about plugins in a browser, when the browser is running on Ubuntu, but the plugin is browser and not OS specific?
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