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Tag Warnings on Ask Ubuntu

Some time ago, we introduced "just in time" tag warnings on Stack Overflow. These warnings are meant to provide users with just-in-time information to help them avoid common mistakes in the tag they'...
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Is Ask Ubuntu about solving actual problems?

I am pretty sure I am stating a risky question here, and maybe it is the hot weather that makes me see things in a different way, but what is the main goal of what we are doing on AU? The reason for ...
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Can we please ban unrelated programming questions?

This issue has been discussed in the past: But I disagree with Andrea Corbellini because I ...
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Heavy handed application of "off-topic" for new user?

I guess I don't understand why some obvious off-topic questions seem to be welcomed and some others that are no more off-topic are banned. A while back, in this post (How to set a custom page to ...
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Suggestions for revising the "on-topic" policy for programming questions

@BeastOfCaerbannog and I were having a chat discussion today debating the role of "general" programming questions here on Ask Ubuntu. The current on-topic help text includes: Questions you ...
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Only close if there is a good reason. Don't just close bad questions - that's what downvoting is for is being closed. Sure, it's a really, really bad question. Sure, he's not researched it. But it's not off ...
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Help me find the flaws in my question resulting in down votes

I posted this question which has garnered two down votes over two days (and counting): sort | uniq remove the counts that occur most often Unfortunately it's too late to delete it as it has a good ...
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I need guidance for downvoted question without feedback

I recently posted a question titled Slow Simulated Typing Speed in Ubuntu When Using Nonprintable Characters on Ask Ubuntu. The question was about an issue I’ve encountered in Ubuntu related to the ...
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Question with the sole purpose to validate a particular regular expression - what to do?

So this question (which actually isn't even a question)... It seems the only purpose is to get someone to solve or validate a particular regular expression. Feels much to me like doing somebody else's ...
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How can bash question is on-topic and C programming off-topic?

I have read this answer it suggests that Bash questions are on-topic since it helps in administration. Keeping this in mind, C programming questions too should be on-topic. we can use C to write ...
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I was banned for 2 days from reviewing

This question is related to many questions like Why I am banned for reviewing? but not duplicate. Usually there are testing questions in Review. The system sometimes shows message like "The system ...
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Why is this question exemplary for AskUbuntu?

So I was doing the "first questions" moderation queue and this question on making a program quit using a keypress came up. To me, the question is clearly due for another site -- probably ...
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Implementing three-vote-close on Ask Ubuntu? [duplicate]

Edit: I completely missed the Shouldn’t we lower the close/reopen vote threshold? post of which this could be considered a duplicate. Things have changed since then, since three-vote-close is now ...
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Is it on-topic to ask about plugins in a browser?

I was just wondering, is it on-topic here to ask about plugins in a browser, when the browser is running on Ubuntu, but the plugin is browser and not OS specific?
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