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Why don't we have "required/requested input not provided" close reason for abandoned questions?

While I've just recently acquired the privilege for voting to close questions, I find it hard to find the right close reasons for the following very common scenario. Someone asks a question, but does ...
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What is AU's stance on profanity?

Personally I don't like to be censored and every now and then I like to curse. It is clear that insults and belittling of others it NOT tolerable. But how about using terms like the system is "fucked ...
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What is the process to get those pro-forma-comments into the "central script"?

I am referring to the comments suggested in answers to share prewritten pro-forma-userscript comments. Need they upvoting or do they just need someone to do the work? (that someone could be me, of ...
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Is it OK to suggest to a user to increase overall accept rate?

When a user with a very low accept rate posts a new question, is it OK to comment, suggesting that the user accept some answers to other questions to raise their accept rate? I am not suggesting ...
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How do I flag my question for re-opening?

Sometimes questions get closed as a duplicate, when they might not be one. A comment should be left by the close-voter for the user explaining how to get their question re-opened if the duplicate ...
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PSA: 12.10 Release Day Today (aka: time to rock and roll!)

Some tips for helping when the site gets busy: Lots of new attention and traffic means it's usually an influx of duplicate questions, especially the easy ones, so keep an eye out for dupes. Some ...
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Is the 'edit' link prominent enough?

I keep seeing questioners answering their own questions with an update instead of editing the question. Is this maybe a problem of a not prominent enough edit link? Since this site heavily depends on ...
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moving question-related discussions from comments to chat seems pointless, destroys clarifying information

After a bit of fact finding back and forth in the comments about a fix-it question, the site will now display something like: Please avoid extended discussions in comments. Would you like to ...
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Possibility to lower the comment privilege

I have notice many of the Answers are not really answers but comments made from mostly users that do not yet have the comment privilege (So they get energetic when they see a question that relates to ...
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Were the "pre-canned" comments intended to be brusque and condescending? If so, why?

I posted this question recently, and after I answered a comment requesting information with something like "I'll try to do this when I'm home", the same user who had requested the ...
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Suggestion - Add a request for additional hardware information to close votes

Currently when using close votes there are a number of suggestions (as you know). I would like to suggest a close vote to request hardware information. For example, Microphone Volume changing ...
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How to back up and restore customized pro-forma userscript comments?

I have extensively customized my pro-forma userscript comments (with new comments and new wordings/linkifications for default ones). I use Chromium as my browser most of the time, and Firefox ...
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How can I revive the pro-forma script after a failed loading of "remote"?

Following the question about pro-forma comments I installed them and then tried to enable the remote source, which seemingly failed (at least it took a very long time ™ without any noticeable network ...
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Master Issue list for Reviewers on 13.04?

I see that some issues with 13.04 are starting to unravel and those that are across the issues can quickly reply or divert those questions to the appropriate links. Are we keeping a master list of ...
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Is it fine to comment to an answerer or asker to remove his/her answer or question?

Suppose I see a bad question or a bad answer. Instead of outrightly flagging it or down voting it, is it fine to comment in the question or answer to the asker or answerer to remove it? I ask this ...
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