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Suggestion - Add a request for additional hardware information to close votes

Currently when using close votes there are a number of suggestions (as you know). I would like to suggest a close vote to request hardware information. For example, Microphone Volume changing ...
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Better handling of marking duplicate questions?

While I realize that dealing with duplicate questions is probably a tedious, time-consuming overhead issue for Moderators, I'm wondering if there can't be a better way of handling them rather than the ...
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Is it fine to comment to an answerer or asker to remove his/her answer or question?

Suppose I see a bad question or a bad answer. Instead of outrightly flagging it or down voting it, is it fine to comment in the question or answer to the asker or answerer to remove it? I ask this ...
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Possibility to lower the comment privilege

I have notice many of the Answers are not really answers but comments made from mostly users that do not yet have the comment privilege (So they get energetic when they see a question that relates to ...
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How can I revive the pro-forma script after a failed loading of "remote"?

Following the question about pro-forma comments I installed them and then tried to enable the remote source, which seemingly failed (at least it took a very long time ™ without any noticeable network ...
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Methods in our madness: Suggesting a consistent reply when HW info is useful but missing

I would like to suggest more consistent methods may help us with some of our questioners seeking help. Nearly always, we need more info, so I have created a little boilerplate I trot out when folks ...
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How do I add URLs to comments and what are available aliases like [edit]?

I can't quite get how to add inline links to comments. There are some aliases like[edit] but I see that people add other useful links this way. Where can I find list of these aliases, or add inline ...
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How to back up and restore customized pro-forma userscript comments?

I have extensively customized my pro-forma userscript comments (with new comments and new wordings/linkifications for default ones). I use Chromium as my browser most of the time, and Firefox ...
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How should answers to questions that have since been split be dealt with?

I came across Ubuntu screenshot program, which started off as a couple questions mashed together. Although it has since been edited to only ask about screenshot programs, it originally asked for both ...
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Query for Basic information

I feel like every second question lacks the basic information about flavour, release and architecture, so I ask myself: Why don't we just ask the users to give the output of echo $DESKTOP_SESSION, ...
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Post Reviewing Useful Comments [duplicate]

I have seen the same set of comments being used by many reviewers. Can an experienced reviewer please provide a list of those comments? Here's one: While this link may answer the question, it is ...
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