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PSA: 11.10 Release today! (aka. let's get rockin')

I know, I know, I always put out a warning, but release time is usually when more users start using Ubuntu and as a bonus this time Ask Ubuntu is featured in the Ubuntu installer slider show: Some ...
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How do I flag my question for re-opening?

Sometimes questions get closed as a duplicate, when they might not be one. A comment should be left by the close-voter for the user explaining how to get their question re-opened if the duplicate ...
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Is it OK to suggest to a user to increase overall accept rate?

When a user with a very low accept rate posts a new question, is it OK to comment, suggesting that the user accept some answers to other questions to raise their accept rate? I am not suggesting ...
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Can we improve the "better to include the essential parts" pro-forma comment?

I've seen the following problem a few times. Alice posts link-only answer. Bob reviews the answer and posts the following pro-forma comment: While this link may answer the question, it is better to ...
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Master Issue list for Reviewers on 13.04?

I see that some issues with 13.04 are starting to unravel and those that are across the issues can quickly reply or divert those questions to the appropriate links. Are we keeping a master list of ...
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Were the "pre-canned" comments intended to be brusque and condescending? If so, why?

I posted this question recently, and after I answered a comment requesting information with something like "I'll try to do this when I'm home", the same user who had requested the ...
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Repeated "warnings" across questions and answers across StackExchange?

Sometimes I will come across a "warning" on an answer or question. Sort of. On my super-old first answer that I answered, I got this "warning": Whilst this may theoretically answer the question, ...
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Why don't we have "required/requested input not provided" close reason for abandoned questions?

While I've just recently acquired the privilege for voting to close questions, I find it hard to find the right close reasons for the following very common scenario. Someone asks a question, but does ...
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Same questions over and over again

When you search question page, on every page there is at least one or two questions like: "My wifi is not working, please help!" People just state there, that their wifi is not working, without ...
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Is the 'edit' link prominent enough?

I keep seeing questioners answering their own questions with an update instead of editing the question. Is this maybe a problem of a not prominent enough edit link? Since this site heavily depends on ...
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PSA: 12.10 Release Day Today (aka: time to rock and roll!)

Some tips for helping when the site gets busy: Lots of new attention and traffic means it's usually an influx of duplicate questions, especially the easy ones, so keep an eye out for dupes. Some ...
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Ask Ubuntu Review Tasks (beta)

I think that the new Review Tasks is an excellent idea to clean the system of duplicates, dead questions, low quality, etc. I have noticed while reviewing, that some answers have already been ...
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Can we have Pro-Forma Comments for Frequently Asked Duplicate Questions?

We already have a very nifty little tool called Pro-Forma Comments. This is a life saver. Can we have a similar one for Duplicate Questions - the ones that are asked too frequently? When we find a ...
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Feature request: canned answers

It would be nice to have boiler-plate answers we can post without having to type them out all the time. Something akin to this: I don't know where to post this Forgive me for poorly worded ...
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Suggestion: Use pro-forma/"review" comments when flagging certain answers

First of all, thank yous :) We have many wonderful community watchmen (too bad most of them don't have any super powers) who love to flag (thanks!) wayward answers, such as those that should really ...
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