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Were the "pre-canned" comments intended to be brusque and condescending? If so, why?

I posted this question recently, and after I answered a comment requesting information with something like "I'll try to do this when I'm home", the same user who had requested the ...
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Please stop posting half answers and bad advice as comments

Ok so I've spent a few days doing hardcore cleaning and we have a problem with comments and people misusing them. People who are too lazy to write a real answer so they write a half finished one ...
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Post Reviewing Useful Comments [duplicate]

I have seen the same set of comments being used by many reviewers. Can an experienced reviewer please provide a list of those comments? Here's one: While this link may answer the question, it is ...
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Methods in our madness: Suggesting a consistent reply when HW info is useful but missing

I would like to suggest more consistent methods may help us with some of our questioners seeking help. Nearly always, we need more info, so I have created a little boilerplate I trot out when folks ...
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Feature request: canned answers

It would be nice to have boiler-plate answers we can post without having to type them out all the time. Something akin to this: I don't know where to post this Forgive me for poorly worded ...
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PSA: When reviewing, don't post duplicate (and near-duplicate) comments!

As jrg♦ said (pinned in main chat): Hey folks who use "canned" comments: If you see one thats already there that expresses the same general idea, don't add another one. Thanks. :) This has ...
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Query for Basic information

I feel like every second question lacks the basic information about flavour, release and architecture, so I ask myself: Why don't we just ask the users to give the output of echo $DESKTOP_SESSION, ...
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Pro-forma comments now support remote sources, should we set this up?

Pro-forma comments (the tool that let's us quickly paste precanned comments for common user questions now supports hosting the comments on a remote server:
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What is the process to get those pro-forma-comments into the "central script"?

I am referring to the comments suggested in answers to share prewritten pro-forma-userscript comments. Need they upvoting or do they just need someone to do the work? (that someone could be me, of ...
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Same questions over and over again

When you search question page, on every page there is at least one or two questions like: "My wifi is not working, please help!" People just state there, that their wifi is not working, without ...
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Suggestion - Add a request for additional hardware information to close votes

Currently when using close votes there are a number of suggestions (as you know). I would like to suggest a close vote to request hardware information. For example, Microphone Volume changing ...
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How do I add URLs to comments and what are available aliases like [edit]?

I can't quite get how to add inline links to comments. There are some aliases like[edit] but I see that people add other useful links this way. Where can I find list of these aliases, or add inline ...
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Can we have a post with all "standard" replies to incorrect posts? [duplicate]

We are expected to leave a comment whenever we find(and take action on) a wrong post, let it be Duplicates wrong use of comments and answers serial editing cases Off-topic posts all other cases So ...
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What is AU's stance on profanity?

Personally I don't like to be censored and every now and then I like to curse. It is clear that insults and belittling of others it NOT tolerable. But how about using terms like the system is "fucked ...
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How can we refocus on being a Q+A, not a support forum or bug tracker? [closed]

After doing some investigation on issues brought up doing these questions I've found something that I'm embarrassed that we have let get out of control, see these questions for some background. What ...

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