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Is this a bug or a question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What to do with questions that describe bugs? An user ask this 12.04 after latest update, no unity, no top bar, only wallpaper. Can you help? And I answer him. In that case, I ...
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What prewritten Pro-forma (aka AutoReviewComments) userscript comments can we use and share?

I'd like to gather a list of boilerplate comments (AKA canned responses) for Ask Ubuntu which can be used in combination with the awesome Pro-forma comments userscript. Post suggestions too, you are ...
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What are common canonical questions for our site?

So according to the Gospel of Spolsky 13:4, a core mission of Stack Exchange communities is to stop re-answering the same questions, and instead build a library of canonical answers. When general ...
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Are bugs necessarily off-topic?

Jorge Castro recently commented on one of my questions that it should be filed as a bug instead. And I've seen here that the general view is that questions about bugs should be considered off-topic ...
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Why is Ask Ubuntu being linked to from Apport?

When I was using Apport I got the following messages: If you select I don't know what to do or Please point me to a good place to get support you get another pop-up window directing you to Ask Ubuntu:...
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How can we refocus on being a Q+A, not a support forum or bug tracker? [closed]

After doing some investigation on issues brought up doing these questions I've found something that I'm embarrassed that we have let get out of control, see these questions for some background. What ...
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Hi, how can i remove this account?

This particular site of stack exchange is not amusing me, has no function and has over zealous moderators who deleted every single one of my posts, two of which because i mentioned that unity is a bug ...
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What are Ask Ubuntu's current problems, if any, as of early 2012?

The following question was posed to me on my moderator nomination Is there any concrete issues you would like to focus on as a moderator? My answer is what amounts to janitorial work, but I'd like ...
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Why should I close 54422?

Someone has suggested I delete/close Is there a way to disable or limit system xrandr probes? because I am no longer experiencing the bug that prompted me to ask it. Personally, I think it's still an ...
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Why do valid questions get closed without providing any help?

I run into this problem often. Case in point: 19.10 seems to have broken suspend on my MB Pro This user has a reputation of 111, appears to be an active contributor, and actually has the same ...
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When is a bug a bug?

Inspired by this question Would creating a Q&A question to cover specific 14.04 sound issues be okay here? we may want to better define which bug reports merit being a close reason for a ...
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Do we need a linked report to close bug questions?

In a recent question about problems with Ask Ubuntu, the topic of low-quality, incomplete, pseudo-bug-report questions came up. From What to do with questions that describe known bugs?, I was under ...
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Why is this question on using Ubuntu with Nvidia drivers off-topic?

I am utterly surprised that this question is considered off-topic: . It represents a genuine ...
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What should we do with a question discovered to be related to a bug with a fix?

Let's suppose your system behaves strangely, but you can't tell if it is a bug. As a matter of fact, you think that it is a misconfiguration. You ask then a question in Ask Ubuntu and get some (...
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Question closed as off topic, months later, with generic hint to read the FAQ

My question firefox addon "Deutsches Wörterbuch 2.0.2" full of errors was closed and downvoted recently. Reason given: Off topic/RTFM. In the faq I read: We welcome questions ...
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