I want to search in the specific user profile in his/her answers parts by clarify a tag ? Is there any way? Like search for all answers which have a network tag from specific user.So is there any way?

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  • oops.Oh found that so easy just by clicking on that user tags. shame :( – Mohammad Reza Rezwani May 11 '14 at 10:34
  • 5 hours later....seems become a good questions :) – Mohammad Reza Rezwani May 11 '14 at 14:46

The advanced search options provide a fairly simple method:

user:449 [command-line] is:a

That should show you my posts, in the command line tag, that are answers.

If searching your own, you can use user:me.

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    Furthermore, if you go to the user's profile page, the user:XXX bit is filled in for you in the search field. – TRiG May 11 '14 at 22:22

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