The review link at the top of the page gives us access to review tasks. enter image description hereBut it is always white. It would be better it it would be coloured, i.e it should be green when there are posts that I can work on and red when there are no posts that I have privilege to work on.

We may also make an feature similar to rep or notifications, so it shows no of reviews in an circle.

This would make the task easier and would not require occasional clicking to check if there are posts to be reviewed or not.

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This is actually something that Stack Exchange are already investigating. When the time comes, and the functionality is ready, it will be rolled out. Until then...


This loses it's usefulness when you reach 3k and unlock close vote privileges. At this point, because of the 200+ close vote queue, you can safely assume that there are always items to review.

Also, you shouldn't worry too much about the first post / late answer queues as they're not particularly time critical. There is a notification about suggested edits (2k+), though, as these are more significant than the other queues.

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