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Internet Explorer 7 Support?

Askubuntu.com looks odd on my work machine with WinXP and IE7: The header bar contains only the @ icon but all the rest (username etc.) is gone, and hovering over their positions doesn't offer anything clickable either.


  • On my home machines (Win7+Ffox, Win7+Chrome, iPhone+Safari), the same site work fine.
    This would indicate an IE7 issue.
  • On my work machine (WinXP+IE7), other SE sites work fine.
    This would indicate that the issue is only for Askubuntu, not all SE sites.
  • On my work machine (WinXP+IE7), on any SE site, the toolbar function insert an image from my computer doesn't work (the Browse button is dead and the text field can't be clicked to manually enter the file path) - but this works fine on my home machines.
    This would indicate a general SE issue with IE7.

missing information in top of screen



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