I need to ask a question. But the problem is that the notion provided by the question would result in the misuse of the Ask Ubuntu service. What should I do ?
For eg:

  • Consider the question Fake Reputation Scores
    I am sure that reading that question must have induced the generation of some fake accounts, which is the misuse of that question.

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With a question like Fake reputation scores, the danger isn't neccessarily in the question. In this case it was in the answer.

But saying that, I personally believe that even if I gave super explicit detail over how the system currently works, it would be almost impossible for a single person to counter and similarly impossible for it to go unnoticed from mods and other users for any reasonable length of time. It's just easier to let the chancers hang themselves at the gates before we have to get involved.

I don't think a question like that is going to convince people to cheat... Or convince cheaters not to cheat. It's just an explanation of the system to let non-cheaters and cheaters alike know that we're actively and passively working on detection, punishment and rehabilitation techniques.

If your question is about an exploit or bug in the system, I think all the SE sites would appreciate it if you didn't announce it in public! Responsible disclosure is appreciated.

Use the contact link in the footer, or if you're unsure about whether it's a bug or by design, you could always start a thread on meta asking for a moderator to contact you directly.

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