This was a concern raised in UL some time ago, but recently I've seen several cases where I've changed the use of backticks, I will ripoff strugee post from UL:

I've noticed that a lot of new users tend to format their posts like this, where they put things they want to emphasize or things that are even just barely vaguely technical in code blocks. This drives me nuts.

Is it OK to tell the person in a comment that they're formatting wrong, similar how we do the "welcome to Stack Exchange, we like repeatable questions" (or whatever other problem) dance?

(the bold part was added by moí)

Are not guiding correctly our users about the use cases of the backticks? As far I go, the backticks should be used to express some piece of "code" but not to emphasise words in the flow of the question, or I'm wrong?



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You are correct, the style guide mentions this too:

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