Do we need an actual tag? I mean, for all intents and purposes, should suffice for setup questions related to Ubuntu, no?

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We don't need these to be separate tags. should be made a synonym of .

does apply to things other than Ubuntu as a whole (I can install a program, which would be within the scope of that tag ...I can install more memory in my computer, which might not be within that scope.) But so can . I doubt we gain anything by having these as separate tags.

As a separate point, as Seth says, seems to refer to an even wider range of unrelated topics than , with less clarity as to what falls in its scope. I can set up a new user account, a second monitor, document templates in LibreOffice, etc.


I don't think we need . It's too ambiguous.


In my opinion, setup comes after installation (installation->setup). You usually install once and able to setup configurations several times.

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