I installed Pro-forma comments yesterday and it worked fine, I really like it. But today something is wrong. I can not see auto link near help. Also, when I flag question as duplicate, there does not appear comment "possible duplicate of ..." I reinstalled the script, checked if JavaScript is enabled (it was), but still have this problem. Can someone explain me what happens?


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The work around suggested in the answer here appears to be working for me (Thanks @Seth !).

The line you want to change in the original script (autoreviewcomments.user.js) is as follows:

$('#' + divid).find('.comment-help-link').parent().append(newspan);

From the answer provided:

The workaround for this is to change line 683 to:

setTimeout(function() {
    $('#' + divid).find('.comment-help-link').parent().append(newspan);
}, 10);

Personally, I would keep this as only a temporary fix, and monitor the question for status updates.


Ben Collins ♦ was making some changes to the comment system and something he did caused the userscript to stop working (ref. 1, ref 2). The author of the script, Benjol, is aware of the problem and AFAIK is working on a fix.

Several (one, two) workarounds have been suggested until the issue has been resolved.

Tim Stone said he might be able to give it a look as well.

update august 12

The issue has been resolved in a recent update to the script.

For more information see this answer https://stackapps.com/a/4241/14817

  • Thanks, but I accept maggotbrain's answer, because he posted working solution. Nevertheless, I appreciate your help!
    – Danatela
    Jul 26, 2013 at 2:16

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