I noticed that many of my questions are not getting up-votes. How can I improve my questions? The one the seems the most odd to me is (Are tag synonyms even benefitting StackExchange?). It seems odd because answer received a few upvotes, but the question received none. It seems odd that a good answer can exist for a poor question. What can I do to receive more upvotes?

  • I strongly recommend that you read through the /help center. Particularly concerning meta.
    – user98085
    Commented Jun 21, 2013 at 22:25

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Yea, I guess it is in the beginning normal not to be up-voted too often, cause one is somehow a "greenhorn" with less than 100 or less than 200 points in reputation. - Ma, but you can enfluence being up-voted a bit, by up-voting yourself others contributions. In the end it is a matter of each others giving and taking ( not praying here for "christianity-over-all-manhood" ! ). It is matter of patience too until you have the right grasp and the right grip for dealing with Linux/Unix - topics. So don't worry too much about that ! Soon it is coming earlier or later - the right grasp and the right grip, by writing, editing and reading new impacts.


Meta is for discussing things about the main site.

Unless you're posting something that is a huge problem that people care about this is just the day-to-day boring admin side of the site. I can't imagine being passionate about tag-synonyms. :) I personally don't usually vote often here, to me it's all about the main site.

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