How would the above be possible?

I came across this edit and few similar ones before

enter image description here

I have seen edits where the editor makes changes to a code or something similar (cant find the post).

I feel it should be rejected & that the edit should be first suggested as a comment. Only if the answerer wants it to be changed then only it should be edited by the answerer. What your say on this?

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If the information added is the same as what was suggested in the link, the edit is almost acceptable.

Almost, since it totally removed the link to the source.

Attribution matters, and at Ask Ubuntu, I consider all sources attribution-required even if they are not.


To clarify (and agree with) what Mahesh has said:

Fix these edits by editing again to add back a link to the source. (If you can add the name of the person who wrote it and, if applicable, a link to their profile on the source site--whether or not the source is a Stack Exchange site--that's a plus.)


I do not see any issue with another user adding additional information where its helpful.

In my opinion it's better than adding a new answer which is almost identical to another except for one bit of additional information. What matters is providing the best answer possible: reputation is a side issue.

In this case if the comment is to be believed the link is to a user only forum. Though I'm pretty sure this isn't the case Ubuntu Forums don't require a user to register to read. not sure if they do to post though.

It is important that information remains attributable to the original source however.

I would leave the body of the text as it is but add a link

source here for example.

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