I have seen the "First Post" review section grown from the normal 1-3 posts to a whopping 430+ and the reviews are like two days old?

Is this a bug or do they do a massive release of "Re-Reviews" occasionally?

Sorry I tagged it as as I saw nothing else that fit.

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Nah, this isn't a regular thing. There was a bug in the system earlier that prevented questions from being added to the queue and it's just been fixed; so all the old questions got put in the queue. See First Posts review queue is not showing first questions for more information.

Here is a developer's response to a comment of mine:

@Seth - we were excluding locked posts via a p.ParentId In (...), when ParentId is null on questions, so it needed a simple IsNull(p.ParentId, 0) In (...) instead is all. – Nick Craver♦

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