Ask Ubuntu is a Q&A site rather than a discussion board, a bug tracker, or a poll/survey site, but I really love Ubuntu and want to discuss those things with other users!

Where can I discuss topics that aren't appropriate to ask on Ask Ubuntu?


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(Because this is proposed for our Community FAQ, please add to this answer.)

Ubuntu Forums hosts discussion boards dedicated to Ubuntu. The Ubuntu Wiki is community-edited documentation of various kinds.

You can directly participate in Ubuntu user groups and development, and you can find a Local Team close to you if you want to help in your local area. Ubuntu Brainstorm is for proposing and voting on ideas.

Bug reports go on the project's preferred bug report site, or Launchpad. However, if you have a question about behavior you don't understand and aren't sure if it's a bug, or if you are asking for how to work around a bug, that is Q&A and appropriate for Ask Ubuntu.

Ask Ubuntu Chat is for talking to other AU users both about Ubuntu and about AU. The Ubuntu IRC channels are for discussion and support; you'll need an IRC client.

Ask Ubuntu Meta (this site) is for discussion, support, bug reports, and feature requests about AU itself.

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