There are a lot of questions like What native games are available? and What docks are available?. Do you think we should make a tag for them? The first thing that comes to mind is available-software, but I don't think this is very descriptive. Any ideas?

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It is easy for "list" questions to fail the SE subjective guidelines; before worrying about tags, figure out if we want mindless lists all. Usually these questions would be much better if made more specific; e.g. "My specific needs are X, Y, and Z. I've already tried A, and it didn't work for me because of B. What tools can I use to do C?"

Meta-tagging is explicitly discouraged, and that means there shouldn't be a tag for this "type" of question. Tag the content of the question. E.g. if it's asking about RSS feeds, tag [feeds]; if it's about capturing video, [video]; editing music, [music-editor]; and so forth.

Just because every question has 5 tags doesn't mean we have to fill them up.

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    For example, one user posted 12(!) answers that say nothing except a name and a blog link. Now I know they were trying to help, but since the answers weren't even community wiki, it's an abuse of the rep system and definitely not something that helps Ask Ubuntu.
    – Roger Pate
    Oct 29, 2010 at 1:10

I like the idea, but would prefer something a tag like software-choices or perhaps software-options.


I've just been lumping them under application

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