As far as I see there has been some discussion about the shortening of links. While keeping the complete URL visible in the post can clearly be distracting (especially when used inline), I want to warn against making it too drastic (e.g. "here").

Remember that visually handicapped people often use a Screen Reader and should be able to "see" the target of a link without actually selecting it.

So instead of shortening http://htlwz-re01.bplaced.net/wordpress/2013/01/16/problem-no-pub_key-bei-installupdate/ to here I suggest Problem: No pub_key during Install/Update (at blog.guntbert.net) 1 or similar.

1 The link is only provided as an example and has no real relevance here, please don't see it as an advertisement either. I only wanted to make sure to use my own content :-))



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