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How to make small but important edits?

Say that you have the prototype scenario in Why the minimum 6 characters limit on edits: someone has written rm -rf / foo instead of rm -rf /foo as an answer to a question, and you want to edit that ASAP to help out the unwary copy-pasters. Say that the answer is otherwise correct. The current system will not let you make an edit of less than 6 characters, whitespace or deletions not counting a such.

Should you go out of your way to reformat and rephrase, or should you add a blurb to the end of the answer saying "changed this"? (which would be redundant with the edit message itself)...

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    ok, will use the hints there. Did not find them first-time I searched. – tucuxi Jan 22 '13 at 14:06

If you can't absolutely make six whole character changes in an edit, then as a last resort you can flag the post for moderator attention. I'm willing to bet that nearly all questions can be edited to modify at least 6 character. Whether it's spelling, grammatical, or formatting there's more often than not something to be changed.

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