This question is about to be closed:

That's too bad, since:

  • Perl scripting is a standard system administration technique and it doesn't make much sense to reject Perl questions unless there's reason to think they're not relevant to that. We keep bash scripting questions open, after all.

  • In this situation, at least part of the problem appears to have to do with where the user is installing stuff. That's clearly on the system operation/administration side of the line.

  • We can probably answer this, and Stack Overflow probably doesn't want it.

It's not that I think closing this question is an unusually great wrong. But if we can interpret and answer it in a way that's on-topic, we shouldn't be closing it.

(And if it's closed, we should reopen it.)

If it turns out nobody can answer it or the issue is sufficiently abstract or esoteric that it's not a good fit for Ask Ubuntu, then it can be closed. I see no reason not to give it at least a couple of days.

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This is the perfect example of a question that is Ubuntu relevant, is using Perl which is commonly used and has to do with package installation and usage.

The question has been re-opened in the meanwhile.

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