In this question, the person has noticed something that appears to be a bug. I first wrote an answer describing how to report a bug in the program and PPA he noticed. Then, as I noticed this problem myself, I reported it as a bug.

Should I change my answer to say that this has been reported as a bug, should I just leave a comment saying I've reported it, or should I create a new answer? Or does this question need to be closed since it is an actual bug?


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I would just edit the answer to say something like:


I noticed this problem myself. I reported it as a bug at [where ever you reported it]

While technically questions about bugs are off-topic here I think its OK in this case (could be wrong)

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    You don't need the "EDIT:", it just makes things unreadable on the site, and there's an edit link above the editor's name. Commented Dec 1, 2012 at 17:47

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