I have had two different questions regarding the topic "Development on Ubuntu" (which is specifically mentioned as on-topic in the FAQ closed as off-topic.

The first one I happen to agree was better suited to Stack Overflow, however, my recent questions was Ubuntu specific, and absolutely belonged on this site.

I would like to know why my question was closed. Here is the link to my question.


You asked why it was closed. Here's an attempt at answering that.

People probably closed it as off-topic because they thought of it as not being about Ubuntu. It's also possible that they thought the question couldn't be answered here.

It is about Ubuntu, though I can see how a reasonable person could think otherwise. And it was answered--it has a well-sourced answer with two upvotes now. So I think it's good Oli reopened it.


I've reopened it but this should be something that's easier to just talk to Canonical about. I suggest you just ping them a quick email now and you'll probably know before an answer is posted here.

Just make sure you answer your own question so that others learn from your experience.

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    Thanks, I'll do that. I planned on emailing them anyway, I just don't understand why it was closed.
    – Razick
    Oct 12 '12 at 12:29

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