I once answered a question Too many images in one directory. I suggested Shotwell to create sub-folders.

And later on, I flagged Is there a terminal command to split a folder in two? as a possible duplicate and later one was closed as an exact duplicate by jrg.

After thinking about it, I think those questions are not the same. Question one asks

What is the simplest way to see the previews of these images?

Question 2 asks

Is there a terminal command I could use to split it in two equal folders so it would be easier for Nautilus to open one of them? Or maybe 4 folders?

Granted they both want to open / preview pictures in a folder which contains images of a half a million/80.000. but they are not exact duplicates!

Now my question is, how can I vote to reopen these question?

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You need 3000 or more reputation point to have re-open voting privilege. For now, you can try posting in the meta site or discussing the issue in the Ask Ubuntu general chat room.

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You can flag the question with the brief description of supporting arguments. Moderator will review the question

If you have further doubts, you can ask in meta(here)

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