I think that we should use the tag and the tag instead of the tag if the question is Macbook-Air or Macbook-pro specific, since Macbooks are discontinued.

I spent some time retagging questions that are from to /. But I decided to ask "Is it right to do this?" before going any further.

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I think we should be able to have a minimum of two levels of details, with the brand also added only if needed for clarity. An exception, for use of additional sub-tag, should only made for unusual sub-classes of existing complex tags.

Argument 1: Search

If a question is raised, it should be possible to find other similar questions (and answers). As there is no control of style or approach to question wording, this is best achieved by informed individuals setting (or correcting) the tags associated.

Minor Rant: It is not overly useful when someone removes tags (or complete definitions) when they either don't understand the issue being discussed or the effort required to find (and re-tag) questions in the first place.

Argument 2: Change

We need to clearly differentiate (sometimes rapid) changing use of technology: use of ARM (vs x86), netbook (limited screen height), and smartphone (small 4" screen), tablet (7", 10" screen), Unity (vs Gnome), touch (vs. mouse), multi-touch, etc.

All of these factors are critical IMHO factors to the aim of Ubuntu being able to smoothly adapt to running on everything from smartphone, desktop, server, thin-client, tablet, to cloud.

some examples: (that I have used/seen in last two weeks)

  • dell-inspiron - (Dell laptops w/ Intel Core; fairly generic)
  • hp-microserver-36l - (HP micro-tower server, (older) 36L series)
  • hp-microserver-40l - (HP micro-tower server, (current) 40L series)
  • hp-proliant X - (HP 'branded' servers; too generic)
  • hp-proliant-ml - (HP tower servers)
  • hp-proliant-dl - (HP rack-based servers)
  • hp-proliant-bl - (HP blade-based technology)
  • iphone-4s - (Apple, iPhone 4S smartphone, iOS)
  • iphone-5 - (Apple, iPhone 5 smartphone, iOS)
  • galaxy-S-duos - (Samsung 4" dual-SIM Android smartphone, series S)
  • galaxy-s3 - (Samsung 4.8" Android smartphone, series S III)
  • galaxy-s3-4g - (Samsung S III, with 4G/LTE)
  • galaxy-s3-mini - (Samsung 4" Android smartphone, series S III)
  • galaxy-tab-7 - (Samsung 7" Android tablet, (older) Tab series)
  • galaxy-tab-7.7 - (Samsung 7.7" Android tablet, Tab+ series)
  • galaxy-tab2-7 - (Samsung 7" Android tablet, (current) Tab 2 series)
  • galaxy-tab2-10 - (Samsung 10.1" Android tablet, Tab 2 series)
  • laserjet-1500 - (HP LaserJet 10xx/15xx family)
  • macbook-air - (Apple, ultra-thin laptop)
  • mac-mini-3 - (Apple, tiny form-factor PC, series 3)
  • google-nexus X - (Google/ASUS phone, Android smartphone OR tablet; too generic)
  • nexus-4 - (Google/ASUS, 4" Android smartphone)
  • nexus-7 - (Google/ASUS, 7" Android tablet)
  • nexus-10 - (Google/ASUS, 10" Android tablet)
  • samsung-series9 - (Samsung, ultra-thin laptop, 9 series)

They are all from and are all .

Should we also have tags like the following?

To differentiate all the different mac/apple products?

I don't think so.

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    I would second the thought that despite driver differences required for Air vs Pro vs iMac, for grouping it would be better to have fewer tags for Mac hardware. Personally, I would merge and place a synonym from macintosh -> mac and then try synonyms on the rest and see how it goes in practice for several months.
    – bmike
    Commented Jan 8, 2014 at 18:06

Just my opinion, not a great idea. I understand that it's a specific model from Mac. But we do have a Dell tag (manufacturer), and a Dell-Inspiron tag (model family), but not a Dell-Inspiron-XXXX tag (specific model). I don't think it needs to get subdivided any further.

Also, I'm not entirely sure we should have it divided further than dell/mac. Inspiron is pushing it.

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    While I generally agree, I have to point out that a MacBook Air is very different from a MacBook Pro when it comes to hardware.
    – jrg
    Commented Jul 9, 2012 at 1:03
  • @jrg Fair point Commented Jul 9, 2012 at 5:07

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