I've noticed that on this page on stackapp there's a handy sidebar with links under "Get Started"

I was wondering if it was possible to get on Ubuntu SE with individual tags, so that for example when people go to kernel answers they have a link to existing resources that that ubuntu team might provide. The existing box seems to be just the top FAQ questions but I am not sure.

An example would be a question like "How do I write an application and get it in the software center?" on the side there would be a link to getting started with quickly, etc.

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From my understanding those links are more-or-less "hard coded" on any stackApp. I know that StackExchange, LLC has just recently rolled out the "featured" tag:

If you want to manually place meta questions on the meta house ad (appears on every question on every page) tag the meta question [featured]

But this seems to be for meta questions to appear on the side bar - not sure if we should (or even could) apply it to something like you mentioned.

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