What information is tracked under the Reviews tab in the Activity section of a user's profile?

edited screenshot of section referred to

I assume this section is related in some way to actions which are performed on posts listed for review. But I thought that I had reviewed some posts which were in this list, yet nothing has changed under Reviews in my profile.

I clearly do not understand the Reviews tab or the information it is meant to provide.

I think I understand now

If you suggest an edit then this is tracked under the Suggestions tab in the Activity section. If you review a suggested edit and either approve or reject it, then this is (apparently) tracked under the Reviews tab.

Since I lack the karma to do any approving or rejecting, there is not going to be any activity under my Reviews tab.

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It's related to suggested edits.

For an example, take a look at my review tab.

enter image description here


Also check this blogpost:

To see how you can track your review progress!

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