Since Launchpad is an integral part of Ubuntu, would questions relating to the use of Launchpad be on-topic?

Obviously questions about a specific project on Launchpad would be off-topic. (Unless there's another good reason for the question.)

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I think they should be considered ontopic.

For more advanced users who might need to follow the progress of a bug or report a bug it can be useful.

And for developers (especially SE people who are unfamiliar with Ubuntu) it's a great opportunity to showcase the things Launchpad can offer them as application developers (daily builds, bug tracking, PPAs, etc.) - which in turn get consumed by Ubuntu users.

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    Thanks for giving a detailed answer - I shall now ask my question on the site! Aug 21, 2010 at 18:15

I think that aksubuntu.com can provide an user friendly service for learning how Launchpad helps Ubuntu. In the same time, I am not sure if the LP developers are using askubuntu.com.

For better results I suggest using the Launchpad users mailinglist list (I know is not that user friendly ... but rather developer friendly) or ask a question in the „Answers” section for Launchpad itself.

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