Community discussion has been taking place on AU Meta concerning our position on AI generated content:

Ban ChatGPT and AI-generated answers on Ask Ubuntu?

While this discussion is proceeding there has been a recent upsurge in the numbers of ChatGPT generated answers and spam messages posted on AU. Because of this, and because of the considerable workload dealing with these posts by Community and elected Moderators, the following decision has been made:

There is now a temporary and complete ban on the use of ChatGPT and AI generated content on Ask Ubuntu.

This temporary ban involves:

  1. Deletion of all ChatGPT or other AI content, whether acknowledged as such or not
  2. Moderator email for initial occurrence, if minor in scope
  3. Seven day Suspension for subsequent occurrence, or initial occurrence if larger in scope, and then the usual escalation of penalties for further infractions

This temporary ban will be revisited when Community engagement on Meta has been completed and the users of Ask Ubuntu have fully made their wishes known. Please participate in the Meta thread and make your thoughts and opinions known.

Note that it is the moderator team's opinion that the use of Grammarly and spell checking tools to correct grammar errors and spelling errors are not AI generated content - using those to improve your own written posts' grammar or to correct spelling errors are not forbidden, we are specifically barring the use of ChatGPT and other AIs as the sole source of generating answer content.

  • Is this ban limited to ChatGPT generated answers? Or is using ChatGPT to assist in editing posts also banned? I realize it says a complete ban, but I’m also aware there was some discussion about using it to improve questions (and answers?), hence my question
    – cocomac
    Jan 5 at 7:15
  • 2
    Ideally discussion will take place on the linked Meta thread where I would be keen to see your input. But: i am not convinced about the use of AI to improve posts in this way. The actual Ask Ubuntu experience with ChatGPT has been very, very different, it has been multiple copy and paste posts that have been for the most part really poor answers. It has been a cool and calculated effort by users to gain rep fast with no interest in accuracy or the production of quality answers.
    – andrew.46 Mod
    Jan 5 at 7:45
  • 2
    @andrew.46 In light of this announcement, does this thread need any further update/clarification/commentary?
    – Levente
    Jan 5 at 11:57
  • @Levente AI grammar checkers are 'limited' in their scope to grammar improvement amd spell checking. This ban is on AI generated content (which is what ChatGPT and others do) not the use of Grammarly AI which in the free grammarly is specific to grammar improvements and spellcheckers.
    – Thomas Ward Mod
    Jan 5 at 15:52
  • O.k. which flag can I use (that's available to me) to contribute to enforcing this ban? I look at the list of the available flags and it's not totally clear. I did not want to ring "moderator attention" for every single such instance. Do I have another choice?
    – Levente
    Jan 19 at 17:27
  • @Levente I'd use a custom mod flag. I typically include why I think it is ChatGPT, the GPT detector result, and any other related info. If it helps, here's a (lightly modified) ChatGPT custom flag I raised on SO recently: This appears to be ChatGPT-generated. The GPT detector gave it X% as how likely it was to be AI-generated. There might be a better flag, but I typically have a bit of info to give (the detector result and if the user has other ChatGPT answers), so I always use a custom flag. A mod can confirm, but I'd guess custom-flags are the best way
    – cocomac
    Jan 19 at 17:44
  • @cocomac by "custom flag" do you mean the bottom-most option, "in need of moderator intervention", combined with a textarea? If yes, that's the basis for my question: I was looking for something that did not need additional mod attention. I was looking for something more automated, e.g. how I believe the spam flag works (auto deletion after like 5 votes).
    – Levente
    Jan 19 at 17:48


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