This post contains a euphemism.

Unfortunately, the gentlemen that made the rules made it so you need reputation to comment and ask not to edit an answer to reply to the author, so I have to ask a separate question.

I tried to find if you can run Minecraft: Bedrock Edition betas in GNU and found this.

The accepted answer was:

Tl;dr: No, you can't.

Here's the real answer:

You have two issues:

  1. Minecraft Java Edition can be downloaded for Linux. After you pay for the game, of course. Minecraft Bedrock Edition (a.k.a. Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition) won't work on Ubuntu (or any other Linux distro, for that matter). It is distributed via the Microsoft/Xbox store. Not a downloadable .exe. So you can't download that version for Ubuntu. Some people (Reddit link) have gotten it working on Linux. Here is another one. So it is technically possible, just hard.
  2. It isn't free. Neither Minecraft: Java Edition nor Minecraft: Bedrock Edition are free (on Windows, Mac, or Linux). So you have to pay.

If you want an easy way, I'd just create a Windows 10 VM using VirtualBox, or just play Minecraft: Java Edition.

I don't understand this answer. What do you have to pay for? Neither Bedrock release nor Bedrock betas are free, and I don't think any of them is distributed as .exe, but release is paid, and betas are foc. Does that mean that you have to pay more for release?

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  • > What do you have to pay for? < Minecraft is not free software. You have to pay for a Minecraft account. Java Edition for Linux can be downloaded, but you still have to login to the launcher to use it. This is the way since Minecraft was purchased by Microsoft. HOWEVER, your question here reads more like a question that should be on the main site, NOT here on Meta because it's not about the site itiself.
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(I'm cocomac - the user that posted that)

Regarding the requirement to have more reputation to comment, see the post on MSE (the discussion site for the Stack Exchange network of sites) called Why do I need 50 reputation to comment? What can I do instead?.

I'm somewhat confused by exactly what you're asking, but I'll do my best to clarify.

Regarding the rest of your question, I mean the game costs money for the game. I.e., it isn't free. That's what costs money - the game.

I'm not sure that you're statement of "the betas are foc" is correct. As far as I'm aware, beta/preview versions of Minecraft aren't free and require you to own the game.

If I misunderstood and you you mean the Demo version of the game, I'm not sure if you can run that on Ubuntu (that would be a separate question, though).

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Seems like a simple misunderstanding.

Microsoft (Mojang) charges for player accounts that use the client launcher (including single-player mode).

However, multiplayer servers --like the Minecraft Java Server-- are distributed and licensed for use free of charge.

Client = Proprietary/Paid.
Server = Proprietary/Free-of-charge.

In this case, A assumes you are treating both Client and Server as a single system (paid), while B assumes server alone (free).

A + B = misunderstanding.

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