This days I found some questions about to install software in no longer supported releases (linke xenial)

I never know for sure flagging as EOL or flagging as a duplicate (like how to install or upgrade from a no longer supported release) ?

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    Maybe not all the time, but I would say if a duplicate exists it's more valuable to use the dupe flag. I asked a similar question quite a while ago in case that helps meta.askubuntu.com/questions/8219/…
    – Dan
    Commented Dec 22, 2021 at 13:41

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(Note: Opinions ahead)

A general rule of thumb I have when trying to decide is to look at how much work went into the question:

Effort Action
Two sentences and calling the OS "Obonto 12" Flag as EOL
A paragraph with no stated attempt to solve the issue Link to possible answer (no flagging until later)
A paragraph and maybe an "I tried everything online" Ask follow-up question(s) and include an emoji 😉
A series of paragraphs clearly outlining the goal, the issue(s), what's been tried, and the results Link to possible answer(s), ask follow-up questions, offer solutions (regardless of EOL status), or some combination of the above.

That said, I will admit there are times when I have no idea how to classify something and just leave it for the rest of the community. If I hit the review queues while in a sour mood, a hastily-crafted two-sentence "Obonto" question may result in language so foul an East Coast rapper would blush ... which doesn't help anybody.

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